Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

The process of hair loss isn’t always clear-cut. A receding hairline specifically may be due to a genetic issue or a serious condition like frontal fibrosing alopecia. Though FFA has no cure, we can provide corticosteroids and other treatments to help you stall it and manage your symptoms. Schedule an appointment here at our Mesa, Arizona office to learn more.


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What Is Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia?

Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) is a form of lichen planopilaris. This disease is characterized by slowly progressing hair loss (alopecia) and scarring on the scalp near the forehead. In some cases, losing hair on your eyebrows, eyelashes, and/or other parts of your body can occur as well.

What Are the Symptoms?

The most telling symptom is the symmetrical loss of hair on the front and sides of the scalp. This hair loss process gets worse over time. Other symptoms of this condition include:

  • An itchy or painful scalp.
  • A rash along the hairline, face, or scalp.
  • A loss of eyebrows.
  • Small, raised bumps on the face.
  • Loss of hair in the beard area.
  • Hair loss on the arms, legs, and other parts of the body.
  • Restoration of color to small amounts of hair (if the hair has turned white).

How We Treat Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia

Once FFA begins, it can progress to full hair loss if left untreated. Therefore, we will try to “stabilize” the condition through the use of medications. Corticosteroids may be provided to reduce inflammation and Hydroxychloroquine can reduce itching caused by FFA. We can also offer Finasteride or dutasteride to reduce hair loss and thereby stall the progression of this illness.

Schedule Treatment for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia in Mesa, Arizona

A combination of medications is the best treatment course for FFA. Here at Sagebrush Dermatology, we explore both traditional treatment options and beyond. This open approach allows us to find the best treatment for your needs. Schedule an appointment today by filling out the form below or giving us a call at 480-681-DERM (3376).

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